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Teddy Bears and Stuffed Toy Animals the Valued Toy of Children

Teddy Bears and Stuffed Toy Animals the Valued Toy of Children

Teddy bears are a most treasured toy through the centuries and more so since President Theodore Roosevelt from whom the Teddy bear really got his name. Legend has it, Theodor Roosevelt used a big teddy bear as his election mascot during his second run for the presidency and as we all know – he won. Maybe you could be a winner too!

A great line of adorable teddy bears and plush toy animals, which are hand-sewn are offered. Handcrafted toys of any kind are hard to come by in today’s time, but yes – it still exists! Some companies still take great pride and care in their production by providing quality stuffed animal toys that have unique designs and even a personal touch. Should you be looking for that perfect, cuddly and adorable stuffed animal, you have come to the right place.
We pride ourselves in our extensive product research to bring to our costumers only excellence with these plush toys animals.
For example, there is “Butter”, a cream colored bear and she is the most enchanting bear ever! She is so sweet that everybody and we mean everybody will be in love with her! She is the perfect present for a child, an adult, a sweetheart, a wife, a grandmother, anybody you can think of would be in love with her instantly.
Then there are “Bear Families” at a great price, which may be a wonderful present for each family member to get one. The set usually consists of Papa and Mama bear and of course baby bears.
And not to forget the “Giant Bear”, they are a conversation piece at the best of times. Giant Teddy Bears start usually at 42″ but this teddy bear I am talking about is an unbelievably 90″, that is 7 1/2 feet tall and that is big! Big indeed!
They may very well be treasured by all members of the family for years to come or even become an heirloom item!
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